The Silence

QUICK REVIEW : The Silence – Steve Lyons

Black Library’s Deathwatch serial continues with The Silence, Steve Lyons’ second contribution, in which Raven Guard Edryc Setorax puts his stealth skills to use on an eldar exodite world. Leaving his Deathwatch brothers to their own devices and infiltrating deep into enemy territory, he plys his lone (and deadly) trade in pursuit of intelligence on the enemy’s movements and the opportunity to strike a grave blow for the Imperium of Man.

Another solo Deathwatch tale, this time it’s almost expected given that the protagonist is a Raven Guard, but it’s interesting to see that Setorax’s solitary status is very much an intentional decision on his part. Raven Guard stories tend to showcase the ninja-like abilities of this chapter’s finest and this is no exceptions with Setorax displaying some impressive skills, but what makes this so enjoyable is just how cold and callous he is in pursuit of his goals. From the calculated manipulation of a terrified Guardsman to his insouciant abandonment of his squadmates to their bumbling (in his eyes) advance, Setorax is well aware of how others see him but at the same time knows full well just how valuable he is. Add in an unexpectedly striking and unusual enemy in the shape of the wild, ragged exodites, and you have a story that grabs the reader’s attention and holds it tight from start to finish. It’s just a shame about more terrible cover art.

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