Dark City

QUICK REVIEW : Dark City – Steve Lyons

Black Library’s Space Wolves serial continues with Dark City, the fourth short story in the series and Steve Lyons’ second contribution. The Wolves’ original mission of finding Logan Grimnar has been put on hold as Krom Dragongaze has been captured and taken to Commoragh to fight for the amusement of its dark eldar residents, while Ulrik the Slayer launches an audacious rescue mission through the Webway in search of his captured brothers.

It’s all action all the time with this story, largely focusing on Krom’s battles against all manner of xenos abominations on Commoragh, and as a result there’s still very little in the way of development for these characters. Krom is headstrong, proud and angry while Ulrik is gritty and determined, and though both find their hopes slowly dashed as the story progresses there’s little sense of implication or real threat, and it all feels rather rote. The fight scenes are varied and entertaining enough, but that’s really all there is to this story. As a whole the serial seems to be content to plod along through generic set pieces, which is fine if you just want a fix of bolters and chainswords but feels a little light on anything else.

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