Eye of the Dragon

QUICK REVIEW : Eye of the Dragon – Steve Lyons

The third story in the ongoing Space Wolves serial, Eye of the Dragon sees the reins handed over to Steve Lyons, who picks up where Ben Counter left off at the end of The Caged Wolf. Reinforced by the headstrong Krom Dragongaze, Ulrik the Slayer continues his quest to find the Great Wolf, the Wolves venturing into a ruined city in search of Grimnar. They soon find a new foe however, as Dark Eldar Raiders come between them and their hunt.

Continuing in the same vein as the previous instalment this is pretty standard Black Library fare, focusing more on pace and action than any real character development. The plot is starting to get a little more complex with the introduction of Krom and the dark eldar, but largely it’s still a fairly straightforward story. There are some fun moments of action, and the pace doesn’t let up from the first moment, but as is often the case it suffers a little from the usual iffy dialogue and excess exposition. While it’s unlikely to win any plaudits for quality of writing or originality, it continues the story at pace and offers a reasonably entertaining shot of switch-your-brain-off action and entertainment, setting things up quite clearly for what’s to come next.

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