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If you’re a regular visitor, thanks for coming back! If this is your first visit, I’m glad you could make it. Here you’ll find a great many reviews of books, short stories and audio dramas, interviews with authors, and blogs on all sorts of book-related topics.

Track of Words started out as a site dedicated to book reviews of all genres, but over time it’s become increasingly focused on science fiction and fantasy stories – especially those published by Black Library.

You’ll find two types of reviews here – quick, 200-or-so word reviews of short stories, and longer 500-or-so word reviews of books. Either way, reviews on Track of Words will always be spoiler-free, and aim to give a balanced view of what’s being discussed. All opinions on here are my own!

A quick note on Amazon referrals – you’ll see at the bottom of many of my reviews that there are links out to the Amazon page for that book, or short story. If you click one of those links, for every book or short story you go on to buy, I’ll receive a small commission from Amazon – this way you can get hold of all the great content, and support Track of Words at the same time. 

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  1. Your reviews of my work are much appreciated. Excellent blog, which I return to again and again, as a guide to fresh BL releases as well as the insightful reviews.

    1. Thanks Paul, I’m really glad you enjoy the reviews! Keep writing awesome books and I’ll keep enjoying reading them 🙂

  2. Thanks for the write up. Never attended any of the BL events and always wondered what they were like. This gave a good insight with plenty of detail.

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