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QUICK REVIEW: The Vorago Fastness – David Annandale

David Annandale’s short story The Vorago Fastness, available either in the Deathwatch: Xenos Hunters anthology or as a standalone ebook, brings together Space Marines of some of the most unusual Chapters, including the Black Dragons and the Sons of Antaeus. Tasked with recovering an ancient relic from within the Vorago Fastness, a city-sized prison-turned-mining facility, the Deathwatch kill team must battle against the (at that point) still mysterious Necrons to reach their prize. Along the way they see up close what happens when a world offers up its services as a prison for hire…

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Storm of Damocles

Storm of Damocles – Justin D. Hill

After a handful of excellent short stories, Justin D. Hill gets his first Black Library novel with Storm of Damocles, in the Space Marine Battles series. Tying in nicely with recent Deathwatch releases as well as the ongoing story of the Damocles Crusade, this follows Nergui of the White Scars, now Captain of the Deathwatch, as he investigates the loss of two full squads of his brothers. What he learns suggests that the war in the Damocles Gulf might be about to take a turn for the worse, unless he can find a way to neutralise the latest weapon in the tau’s arsenal.
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Legends of the Dark Millennium: Deathwatch

Legends of the Dark Millennium: Deathwatch – Ian St. Martin

Q3 2016 has been all about the Deathwatch, and in his debut novel Ian St. Martin takes us back to where it all started with Legends of the Dark Millennium: Deathwatch featuring Captain Artemis, who was first introduced back in the 2001 Inquisitor game. Now tying in with the latest iteration of the Deathwatch, this sees Artemis and his squad pulled into a huge conflict as a previous mission proves to have had horrifying unforeseen consequences. Facing both an ork Waaagh! and a tyranid hive fleet, the Deathwatch must resort to desperate measures in order to find victory.
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Deathwatch: Swordwind

QUICK REVIEW – Deathwatch: Swordwind – Ian St. Martin

Day three of Black Library’s 2016 Summer of Reading sees Ian St. Martin tackle the Deathwatch again after City of Ruin with Deathwatch: Swordwind. Adoni of the Mortifactors returns to his Chapter’s fortress monastery at the conclusion of his secondment to the Deathwatch, oathbound to not speak of his experiences but bearing with him a chapter relic. As he rejoins his brothers he recalls the fateful mission where he fought alongside a hero of his Chapter against the eldar of Biel Tan, a battle which will have a profound impact on his Chapter.
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QUICK REVIEW : Cepheus – Braden Campbell

Cepheus by Braden Campbell, the eleventh and final short story in Black Library’s Deathwatch mini-series (now also available in a single volume entitled Deathwatch : Ignition), sees the return of Chaplain Cassius and serves to loosely tie the whole series together. Petitioning a council of Watch Captains for approval of a rescue mission, Cassius finds himself retelling the events on Port Cepheus that led to him being there and the necessity of going in search of his absent brothers. Under the scrutiny of three Watch Captains however he finds his decisions being questioned, and starts to see the undercurrent of politics that runs through even the Deathwatch.
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The Known Unknown

QUICK REVIEW : The Known Unknown – Mark Clapham

The tenth title in Black Library’s Deathwatch short story series, Mark Clapham’s The Known Unknown introduces not just the first Librarian to the series but also the first Marine from a non-First Founding chapter in the shape of Jensus Natorian of the Blood Ravens. Joining a mission to cleanse a space hulk of genestealers, he finds the lone survivor of a doomed Blood Ravens force and is reunited with his old mentor from the chapter. As the Deathwatch’s investigation continues and the horrific nature of their enemy is slowly revealed, Natorian sees his loyalty to the Deathwatch come into conflict with the purpose of his chapter.
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The Walker in Fire

QUICK REVIEW : The Walker in Fire – Peter Fehervari

Black Library’s Deathwatch series has now run to nine short stories, the latest being The Walker in Fire by Peter Fehervari. The first in the series to feature a Salamander as the protagonist, here we see Garran Branatar joining a disparate group of Deathwatch brothers from much lesser known chapters on a mission to a sinister, rebellious forge world in search of one Mechanicus adept among the masses. Haunted by events in his past and troubled by events spiralling out of his control, Branatar pushes on, trusting to his equipment and his moral compass to see him through.

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The Silence

QUICK REVIEW : The Silence – Steve Lyons

Black Library’s Deathwatch serial continues with The Silence, Steve Lyons’ second contribution, in which Raven Guard Edryc Setorax puts his stealth skills to use on an eldar exodite world. Leaving his Deathwatch brothers to their own devices and infiltrating deep into enemy territory, he plys his lone (and deadly) trade in pursuit of intelligence on the enemy’s movements and the opportunity to strike a grave blow for the Imperium of Man.
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City of Ruin

QUICK REVIEW : City of Ruin – Ian St. Martin

After a break for the 24 stories in Black Library’s 2015 Advent Calendar, the Deathwatch series continues with part seven, in the form of City of Ruin by Ian St. Martin. When Rodricus Grytt of the Imperial Fists leads his squad to their deaths fighting to clear an Imperial system of orks, he readily accepts a commission in the Deathwatch as his own form of penance. The reckless Marine soon finds himself butting heads with his new squadmates as they launch a mission to rescue a captured member of the Navis Nobilite from the clutches of the invading orks.
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First To Hunt

QUICK REVIEW : First To Hunt – Chris Dows

First To Hunt, by Chris Dows, is the sixth short story in Black Library’s Deathwatch serial, and the first to feature the White Scars chapter. Set on the planet Ballestae it sees Jetek Suberei on a solo scouting mission, accompanied only by his trusty bike and faithful cyber-eagle, hunting for intelligence on the invading eldar forces. As he approaches the eldar encampment he begins to realise that all is not well within the xenos ranks, and an opportunity presents itself to him to use the eldar’s division against them.
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