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QUICK REVIEW: Hunting Ground – Ian St. Martin

Another Adeptus Titanicus short story, Ian St. Martin’s Hunting Ground is a natural companion piece to Rob Sanders’ The Ember Wolves, dealing as it does with the actions of a pack of Warhound Titans taking on a larger foe. This time they’re loyal Imperial Titans, of the Legio Debellator (loosely: Conqueror), joining a small force of Subjugators in the defence of an Adeptus Mechanicus forge world. Facing a corrupted Warlord Titan formerly of his own legio, princeps Asander must play to his pack’s strengths if he’s to succeed in his mission and uphold the honour of the legio.
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QUICK REVIEW: The Ember Wolves by Rob Sanders

The latest Horus Heresy e-short, Rob Sanders’ The Ember Wolves continues the March of the Titans theme with a Titan versus Titans story told firmly from the traitors’ viewpoint. On the ‘shabby little hive world of Absalom’, forces loyal to Horus – including the Legio Audax, the Ember Wolves – take the fight to the loyalists, including forces of the newly-formed Adeptus Titanicus. Commanding a six-strong pack of Warhound Titans, princeps Balthus Voltemand is on the hunt for an engine-kill, and hungrily sets his sights on the towering Warmonger Titan Tantorus Magnificat.

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QUICK REVIEW: Vengeance of the Immortal – Gav Thorpe

The latest Adeptus Titanicus story, Gav Thorpe’s 40k e-short Vengeance of the Immortal follows a maniple of Titans from the Legio Praesagius (who you may remember from Honour to the Dead) as they clash with traitor Titans on the world of Placia Mundus. The focus is on princeps majoris Sythika as she rouses her Warlord Titan Evocatus and leads the maniple into battle, where her Titan’s fiery animus becomes as much a hindrance as an asset. Evocatus is an ancient machine with a long memory, and the appearance of a familiar foe stirs painful memories.

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The Binary Succession – David Annandale

A little over seventy-five minutes long and with a nine-strong voice cast, David Annandale’s Horus Heresy audio drama The Binary Succession was described at a Black Library event as ‘Brexit with Titans’. That’s not far off; it takes place on Terra and deals with the growing tensions between the High Lords of Terra and the representatives of the Martian Mechanicum, who feel mistrusted and under-appreciated by the Imperium. Ambassador Vethorel, representative of Fabricator General Kane, has the difficult job of negotiating her way to a position of strength for the Mechanicum, while endeavouring to hold together her increasingly fractious fellows.

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Gates of the Devourer

QUICK REVIEW: Gates of the Devourer – David Annandale

The second of Black Library’s 2016 Summer of Reading short stories is Gates of the Devourer by David Annandale, a story of Imperial Titans and Tyranid swarms to whet our appetite for his upcoming novel Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine. When the Great Devourer assails the Imperial world of Khania the Imperium responds by sending the Astra Militarum…and the Adeptus Titanicus. Two demi-legios from different Titan Legions lead the Imperial response, but Princeps Ferantha Krezoc of the Legio Pallidus Mor has reservations about the arrogant commander leading the other Legio.
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