QUICK REVIEW: Vengeance of the Immortal – Gav Thorpe

The latest Adeptus Titanicus story, Gav Thorpe’s 40k e-short Vengeance of the Immortal follows a maniple of Titans from the Legio Praesagius (who you may remember from Honour to the Dead) as they clash with traitor Titans on the world of Placia Mundus. The focus is on princeps majoris Sythika as she rouses her Warlord Titan Evocatus and leads the maniple into battle, where her Titan’s fiery animus becomes as much a hindrance as an asset. Evocatus is an ancient machine with a long memory, and the appearance of a familiar foe stirs painful memories.

Despite being rather mis-sold by a synopsis on the Black Library website that is MASSIVELY removed from the actual plot, this is an enjoyable story that goes deeper than you might expect into the relationship between Titan and princeps, and between Titans in a maniple. The action when it comes is on a typically huge scale, and enjoyably tactical as the various Titans maneuver for position, but with battles taking place on multiple planes it’s more than just a massive scrap. It’s nicely written and richly detailed, but does feel a little unfinished, as though it’s part of a bigger story. Enjoyable, but a little frustrating.

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