QUICK REVIEW: Doc Morgrim’s Vow – Josh Reynolds

Doc Morgrim’s Vow by Josh Reynolds is behind day fifteen of Black Library’s 2016 Advent Calendar, a Blood Bowl short story and sequel to Manglers Never Lose. Following their hard-fought victory in the Doom Bowl, the Middenplatz Manglers have been invited to the frozen mountains of Norsca to compete for the Angry Dragon Cup against the Dragon’s Hold Drakeslayers. Accompanying them on their journey is team physician Doc Morgrim, whose discomfort in venturing into Norsca turns out to be for unexpectedly personal reasons.

For all that it’s set in the strange sort-of-Warhammer Blood Bowl world, this actually reads like an old-school Gotrek and Felix story, full as it is of airships, dragons, grudges and oaths. Strangely enough these Blood Bowl stories are the closest things to tales set in the Old World that we’re likely to get any time soon, and this one certainly feels instantly familiar. Two stories in and the Manglers are already well-established, and while this focuses on Morgrim rather than any of the players it’s still got a fun sense of team spirit and curmudgeonly camaraderie. It’s arguably less about actual Blood Bowl than either Manglers… or Robbie MacNiven’s Fixed, but it’s a thoroughly enjoyable story that will leave you wanting to see more of the Manglers.

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