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Earlier today I posted a blog about upcoming Black Library releases, off the back of a load of new titles popping up briefly online. These releases didn’t stay visible for long, but I’d grabbed a few screenshots which I thought might be of interest to Black Library fans. Since then however, something unexpected has happened – Black Library have added an actual Coming Soon page to their website!

It’s been a LONG time since such a page has existed, hence the excitement. At present there isn’t a link to it on the front page [EDIT: there is, now] of the website, but if you dig a little it all becomes clear – to save you some digging however, here’s a nice screenshot! I’m kidding – click the image to follow the link to the page.


What’s even more impressive about this is that it’s organised by month, just like back in the golden days of Black Library! “So what?” you might say, “why’s that important?” Well it’s simple really – it means fans can plan ahead, deciding what they’re going to spend money on and saving up if necessary. It makes quite a big difference!

Obviously you can all go take a look at the page, but if you fancy a quick overview I’ve broken things down by month here. Where I’ve listed a release date it’s always the first one – so if there’s a download date and then a physical dispatch date, chances are I’ve gone with the download one.


  • Shadow of Ullanor (The Beast Arises book 11) by Rob Sanders – hardback, ebook and audiobook – 8th October
  • Roboute Guilliman: Lord of Ultramar (Primarchs book 1) by David Annandale – standard hardback, ebook and audiobook – 8th October
  • Shadowsword by Guy Haley – hardback and ebook – 15th October
  • Baneblade by Guy Haley – hardback – 17th October (this was previously available in paperback and ebook)
  • Vox Tenebris by Robbie MacNiven – MP3 and CD – 22nd October
  • Leman Russ: The Great Wolf (Primarchs book 2) by Chris Wraight – Limited Edition hardback – 24th October


  • Warden of the Blade by David Annandale – Limited Edition hardback – 7th November
  • The Beheading (The Beast Arises book 12) by Guy Haley – hardback, ebook and audiobook – 12th November
  • Warden of the Blade by David Annandale – standard hardback and ebook – 12th November
  • The Thirteenth Wolf (Horus Heresy audio drama) by Gav Thorpe – MP3 and CD – 19th November
  • Sons of the Forge (Horus Heresy non-numbered novel) by Nick Kyme – Limited Edition hardback – 21st November
  • Sons of the Forge (Horus Heresy non-numbered novel) by Nick Kyme – ebook – 26th November
  • Blood Bowl: The Box Set by Matt Forbeck – hardback box set – 28th November

December (no specific release dates)

  • Space Marine Legends: Azrael by Gav Thorpe – Limited Edition hardback
  • Tyrant of the Hollow Worlds (Space Marine Battles) by Mark Clapham
  • Fabius Bile: Primogenitor by Josh Reynolds
  • Fabius Bile: Primogenitor by Josh Reynolds – Limited Edition hardback
  • Space Marine Legends: Ragnar Blackmane by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – standard hardback
  • The Master of Mankind (Horus Heresy book 41) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

January 2017 (no specific release dates)

  • Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero (Primarchs book 3) by Graham McNeill: Limited Edition hardback
  • Virtues of the Sons/Sins of the Father (Horus Heresy audio drama collection) by Andy Smillie
  • Leman Russ: The Great Wolf (Primarchs book 2) by Chris Wraight – (presumably) standard hardback
  • Carcharadons: Red Tithe by Robbie MacNiven
  • Cybernetica (Horus Heresy novella) by Rob Sanders – standard hardback

So there you have it – an absolute ton of awesome looking books coming our way in the next four months. Including lots of books with titles separated by colons – seems to be Black Library’s trademark these days!

Now then, how can I save enough money to be able to buy all of these…

Let me know what you’re most looking forward to!

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