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EDIT: since I first posted this, a Coming Soon page has gone live on the Black Library website! I’ve put up an updated post with more information here.

For a short while this morning there was a whole host of upcoming releases showing up on the Black Library website – a plethora of 40k and Horus Heresy goodness, enough to set the heart of any Black Library fan racing. Since then everything has been removed from the site, but I was quick enough to snag a bunch of screenshots of most of the upcoming titles. Fancy a look? Read on…

First of all it’s worth pointing out that these titles were all 40k and Heresy – I didn’t see anything at all for Age of Sigmar – apart from a hardback collection of Matt Forbeck’s classic Blood Bowl novels. We do already know that Nagash: The Undying King by Josh Reynolds is going to be available exclusively from Warhammer World a little later in the year, however.

I’ve not included the last two Beast Arises novels as we’ve known their titles for ages and they’re (I assume) going to be the usual prices. It looks like Rob Sanders’ Shadow of Ullanor (Book Eleven) is due this weekend (8th October) though, which is exciting!

The Horus Heresy
Let’s start with the next big release – Book 41 in the numbered series:

Master of Mankind by Aaron Dembski-Bowden


There was no price (but presumably £20 or £25 in hardback) and no release date yet, but it’s due to be available at Black Library Live on the 19th November.

Sons of the Forge by Nick Kyme


A ‘short novel’ (i.e. longer than the usual novellas but shorter than the numbered novels) in the usual nice (but pricey at £35) Limited Edition format. I didn’t get a screenshot but I think there was an ebook version of this too. As you can see the hardback is shipping from 21st November.

The Thirteenth Wolf by Gav Thorpe


A new audio drama, potentially tying in with the next Heresy board/boxed game that we know is due out soon. Available in MP3 (£9.99) and CD (£12) formats this is due to be available to download 19th November and shipping 21st November.

Virtues of the Sons/Sins of the Father by Andy Smillie


The expected combo-release of Andy Smillie’s linked audio dramas – no price yet (probably £10/£12) and no release date yet.

The Primarchs
Not just one but two Primarchs novels! We’ve also recently had confirmation that Guy Haley has written the Perturabo installment, and Gav Thorpe is due to write the Lorgar one.

Leman Russ: The Great Wolf by Chris Wraight


Book two in the Primarchs series, and unsurprisingly released in posh but pricey Limited Edition format for £40. Due for shipping 24th October.

Magnus the Red: Master of Prospero by Graham McNeill


Book three is now confirmed to be Magnus – no price or release date yet, but you can be sure it will be the same as the previous two at £40.

Warhammer 40,000
A massive seven new 40k titles – six novels and one audio drama. These have all been talked about in one way or another, but it’s good to get prices (in some cases) and more plot details.

Fabius Bile: Primogenitor by Josh Reynolds


The first in a new Fabius Bile series, this one’s going to be available in standard (hardback and ebook I assume) and Limited Edition formats. There’s no release date as yet, but it’s due to be available at Black Library Live on the 19th November.

What’s that, you want to see the LE version as well? Oh, go on then…


Yep. That’s a bit good, right? I didn’t get a screenshot, but I’m pretty sure the price was £40 for this version.

Warden of the Blade by David Annandale


Available in ebook (£9.99) and hardback (£18) formats, this one also gets a Limited Edition release for £40 (256 pages). Both hardbacks should start shipping on the 7th November, with the ebook available for download on the 12th. Here’s the LE version – another beauty…


Space Marine Legends: Azrael by Gav Thorpe


This is the fourth book in the Space Marine Legends series, so while the price wasn’t confirmed it will presumably match the others and be £40. No release date yet, but it’s due to be available at Black Library Live on the 19th November.

Shadowsword by Guy Haley


The follow up to Baneblade (which is also getting a hardback re-release), this is available in ebook (£9.99) and hardback (£18) editions. The ebook is due for download from the 15th October, with the hardback shipping from the 17th. This looks like the first release out of all of these…

Tyrant of the Hollow Worlds by Mark Clapham


The next Space Marine Battles novel, once again this one doesn’t have a release date, but is due to be available at Black Library Live on the 19th November. No pricing details but it will presumably be available in ebook and hardback, probably for £9.99 and £18.

Carcharadons: Red Tithe by Robbie MacNiven


No price or release date yet, but this looks pretty good. It’s going to be dark!

Vox Tenebris by Robbie MacNiven


A new audio drama tying in with the War Zone Fenris arc, this one’s priced at £9.99 for the MP3 and £12 for the CD. It’s available for download from the 22nd October, and shipping from the 24th.

Last but not least…
I may have missed the odd thing like the standard hardback release of the Roboute Guilliman Primarchs novel, but I think the only other release was a nice hardback set of the Blood Bowl books by Matt Forbeck. These were first published way back in 2005 so they’re not new as such, but they’re presumably getting the hardback treatment to tie in with the release of the new Blood Bowl boxed game from Forge World’s Specialist Games team. I forgot to get a screenshot so I don’t have pricing, but you can find some pics over at the Black Library Fan Headquarters on Facebook.

So there you have it, we’ve got some cracking books coming up over the next few weeks and months! I’m not sure quite why Black Library put these up online (not to mention taking pre-orders for some of them) and then took them back off the site, but the fact is they did – whether it was a mistake or otherwise, it happened…I’m just glad I had chance to grab some screenshots!

What are you looking forward to the most? For me it’s Master of Mankind and then Fabius Bile: Progenitor – let me know what you can’t wait to read!

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