Black Library Live! 2016 - it's back!

It’s back – Black Library Live! 2016

It’s been a while since we’ve had any word about upcoming Black Library events, but today the silence has finally been broken – Black Library Live! 2016 is coming, on Saturday 19th November at Warhammer World in Nottingham.

It wasn’t long ago that Black Library regularly held events – the last the one-day Live events and the longer Weekenders – but the last Black Library-specific event was held back in November 2014. Since then Black Library have had varying degrees of presence at the 2015 Horus Heresy Weekender and a few Warhammer World events, but it’s just…not the same!

That’s why this announcement is big news – fans have been clamouring for more Black Library events, and it’s great to see that someone’s been listening!

What’s so good about Black Library events?
That’s a fair question, and to my mind the answer is engagement. Most (though not all) Black Library fans got into these books as a result of the wider Games Workshop hobby, and we tend to have an innate desire to talk to other people about what we love. Black Library understands this about us, and understands that while talking to other fans is fun, talking and listening to the people who actually create the stories we read is even better! These events give us the chance to engage with the authors, editors and artists, to ask our questions and get a glimpse into the inner workings of the worlds we love.

They also give the authors, editors and artists the chance to engage with us, the readers. Writing can be a lonely job, so feedback from the hardcore fans can be a useful thing – we might even get the chance to inspire some new stories or make a contribution to what’s coming next.

What should I expect at Black Library Live?
It’s a whole day of Black Library goodness, taking place inside the home of Games Workshop – chances are there’s going to be something for even the pickiest of fans.

Black Library have published a few details so far regarding the event, which I’ve summarised here:

Seminars: these are always interesting, giving fans the opportunity to hear authors talk about their work, and maybe learn a little about future releases.
Author Q&As: got a question you’ve been dying to ask one of the authors? Now’s your chance!
Readings: this is new for Black Library, although pretty common at other book events. It should be interesting to hear some of the authors read excerpts from their work!
Signings: not everyone’s interested in getting their books signed, but if you fancy an autograph or two then get yourself down there and maybe grab a quick chat as well.

That’s on top of Warhammer World itself – the ticket gets you access to the rest of Warhammer World as well as the event, so you can have a look at the incredible dioramas on display in the exhibition hall, and kick back for a break in Bugman’s Bar.

The whole point however is to get to meet and talk to the authors, and Black Library have provided an initial list of who’s going to be attending – with more to come, apparently! Here’s the list so far:

– Mark Clapham
– LJ Goulding
– Guy Haley
– Nick Kyme
– Josh Reynolds
– Gav Thorpe
– Chris Wraight

One of the major attractions for a lot of fans (myself included) with these events is the opportunity to get hold of new and even pre-release titles – these were a bit thin on the ground at the last few events, but Black Library have already confirmed a few titles that are looking interesting:

Nagash: The Undying King by Josh Reynolds – a new Age of Sigmar novel, which is apparently exclusive to events and Warhammer World.
Tyrant of the Hollow Worlds by Mark Clapham – a new Space Marine Battles novel.
Fabius Bile: Primogenitor by Josh Reynolds – I’ve been looking forward to a novel about Fabius Bile for a long time!

For an initial announcement that’s an impressive lineup, with some great authors and a few really interesting sounding new books. Going on past events, there might even be a few surprises on the day as well…let’s hope so anyway.

Have you got any advice about attending?
These events are always good fun, but there are definitely a few things that it’s worth thinking about on the day. Here are my thoughts:

Get there early
It’s going to be a long day, but it’s worth making the most of your time – there’s masses of cool stuff to do in Warhammer World on top of the event, so take the opportunity to have a look round. Also, if you turn up late you run the risk missing seminars, and potentially missing out on new releases if there’s only a limited stock. You’d kick yourself if that happened.

Save up
If you’re anything like me you’ll suffer from extreme temptation, both for the cool new releases and also the rest of the awesome stuff available – like all the Forge World goodies you could want at the dedicated store! If you’re on a budget, I’d suggest planning your purchases and being strict. Don’t waste money on things that aren’t on your priority list!

Be cool
I know you’re excited – we all are. Remember that you’re not the only person there who wants to enjoy themselves, though. If you see one of the authors wandering around, maybe think twice about grabbing them – they tend to be polite to a fault, but they might just have been running off to go to the toilet or grab a bite to eat!

Be prepared
If one of your favourite authors is going to be there, do a bit of planning – are there any questions you’ve been dying to ask? Think about them in advance, and make sure you know what you’re going to ask. If you’re after autographs, make sure you’ve got copies of the authors’ books with you!

Ask questions
Seriously, that’s the whole point of going. Be careful though – not everyone’s going to be as interested as you are in Guy Haley’s opinion on whether a Death Jester is really powerful enough to take on a squad of Custodes, so try to ask questions that lots of people are going to want to hear the answers to. Also, here’s a list of a few topics not to ask questions about:

– Squats.
– Whether Saul Tarvitz is alive.
– The two missing Primarchs.

Other than that, I’d suggest you keep an eye on the Black Library website for more information as we get closer to the event, and then just enjoy yourself!

I’ve got my ticket already – why not join me? If you’re going, let me know and say hi!

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