QUICK REVIEW: Stormseeker – Alec Worley

For day four of Black Library’s 2016 Summer of Reading campaign we’re introduced to Alec Worley and his first story for Black Library, Stormseeker. When dark eldar pirates attack an Imperial world, the Space Wolves of the Deathwolves Great Company launch a counter-attack and Anvarr Rustmane leads his fellow Iron Priests in piloting the airborne elements of the assault. Forced to go into battle without placating the machine-spirit of his Stormwolf, Anvarr finds himself in a desperate fight against the dark eldar’s own flyers where he needs all of his skill, and the cooperation of his gunship, to survive.

Some may be familiar with Worley for his work outside of Black Library, but for everyone else this is a strong introduction that demonstrates a good understanding of the 40k aesthetic along with an obvious grasp of storytelling. His depiction of the Wolves steers closest to the old-school stylings but thankfully avoids straying into caricature, helped by a strong protagonist in Anvarr, who’s an enjoyable blend of raucousness and professionalism. At times the narrative feels a little stretched, essentially a drawn-out dogfight for the most part, but it’s fun to see the contrast between the Wolves and the dark eldar, and there’s enough variety in the action to remain entertaining throughout.

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