QUICK REVIEW: Myriad – Rob Sanders

Day five of Black Library’s 2016 Summer of Reading campaign sees a return to the Horus Heresy with Rob Sanders’ Myriad, which follows on from his 2015 novella Cybernetica. Mars is overrun by the twisted machines of the Dark Mechanicum, yet small cells of loyalists remain in hiding, doing what they can to fight back. Kallistra Lennox, formerly a princeps of the Collegia Titanica, leads a mission to sabotage a corrupted Warlord Titan, but returns to the rebels’ hidden base bearing something which might change the face of the war for Mars completely.

It’s very much worth reading Cybernetica before tackling this story – it’s not so much that this would contain spoilers, just that it makes more sense in light of the novella’s events. Either way, this is an interesting look at how the Martian loyalists are staying in the fight, complete with a nod to old-school Epic fans in how Lennox gets around. It’s a story of two halves, opening with the frantic attack on the Titan before introducing the rest of the loyalists and setting things up beautifully for the next stages in the Martian story arc. It’s a typically well thought out Sanders story, enjoyable as a standalone but hopefully leading into his next Heresy story.

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