Six Pillars

QUICK REVIEW – The Black Rift of Klaxus : Six Pillars – Josh Reynolds

Chapter four of The Black Rift of Klaxus mini-series by Josh Reynolds, Six Pillars takes us to the halfway point of the story. Carrying on from The Gnawing Gate it sees more of Anhur’s Gorechosen throw themselves and their followers into the fray while Orius and his Stormcast keep grinding onwards through the city towards their inevitable target. Battle is truly joined now with both sides almost fully committed, and losses mounting.

After the previous two enjoyably characterful stories there’s a sense here that things are swinging back to a simpler, more straightforward style with a focus very much on the fighting as events start to ramp up. Where characters get the chance to stretch out and develop a little there are some good moments, but the majority of the story is taken up by a series of running battles that are well described but ultimately rather samey. It’s clearly setting the scene for what’s to come, with the Stormcast embattled, the Gorechosen throwing themselves forward and Anhur remaining distant and unseen, happy to let his minions expend themselves. This all makes sense in context of the wider story but means that as a standalone story it doesn’t really go anywhere.

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