The Gnawing Gate

QUICK REVIEW – The Black Rift of Klaxus : The Gnawing Gate – Josh Reynolds

The third chapter in Josh Reynolds’ The Black Rift of Klaxus mini-series, The Gnawing Gate sees Orius and his Stormcast steadily advancing as they continue their assault on the city of Klaxus. They soon find themselves tangling with not just skaven warbands but a monstrous guardian of the city, the horrific Gnawing Gate. Meanwhile the sorcerer Pazak continues his vile ritual, while Anhur sends his minions to delay the Stormcast until the time is right.

This carries on where In the Walls of Uryx left off, not just in the storyline but in style and enjoyability as well. It’s starting to expand the scope of the wider story a little, showing Pazak and the skaven warlord Warpfang as viewpoint characters now, and rotating nicely across the different characters to keep things moving and maintain momentum. Warpfang is a particular highlight, tapping into the entertainment factor that only the skaven can bring. It’s solid, heroic stuff, nothing groundbreaking but well paced and entertaining, and overall this is turning into a fun, entertaining story now that it’s found its feet. While there’s nothing huge here in terms of dramatic events, it feels like a solid consolidation ahead of the next big push both for Orius and the story as a whole.


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