In The Walls of Uryx

QUICK REVIEW – The Black Rift of Klaxus : In the Walls of Uryx – Josh Reynolds

Part two of the Black Rift of Klaxus mini series, Josh Reynolds’ In the Walls of Uryx picks up where part one in the series left off and sees Orius leading his Stormcast Eternals further into the city in search of Anhur, The Scarlet Lord. As the Stormcast battle their way through endless enemies, Anhur sacrifices more and more of his own warriors in a gory ritual intended to bring ruin to Klaxus. It’s not yet clear exactly what he hopes to achieve, but Orius will need to be quick if he hopes to stop his hated enemy.

With the introductions all made already, this feels more assured and cohesive than Assault on the Mandrake Bastion did, and there’s a satisfying reduction in distracting Stormcast-explaining. With that out of the way there’s more room for the characters to breathe and we start to see a little more depth to the story, especially when the viewpoint switches to Anhur and his minions. There’s no doubt that the Age of Sigmar setting is still a little lacking in emotional heft and consequence, but Reynolds does a good job here of layering character onto events, and this feels like a positive step forward for both this story and the setting as a whole.


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