Scent of a Traitor

QUICK REVIEW : Scent of a Traitor – CL Werner

Black Library’s multi-part Space Wolves serial moves into its final stages with Scent of a Traitor by CL Werner, the seventh instalment in the ongoing saga. Ulrik, Krom and their Dark Angel allies have pursued the traitor Marine Sathar the Undone across the city of Eyriax and brought him to heel once more, but Ulrik finds himself faced with an unappetising choice to make if he wants to learn all he can of Logan Grimnar’s whereabouts.

The fourth author involved in this mini series, Werner does a good job of toning down the cliches and refocusing the overall story. There are still a couple of unnecessary snarls, gnashing of fangs and snippets of over-portentous dialogue but for the most part this is back to more streamlined storytelling complete with some nicely imaginative scenes. It introduces yet another set of antagonists in the shape of the hated Thousand Sons, further muddying the overall waters of the continuing story, but to be fair to Werner if you take this story in isolation it’s well paced, vividly drawn and enjoyable. If the final story is of this quality it might just turn out that Werner has got involved with the series in the nick of time. Let’s hope so anyway.

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