The Eighth Victory

QUICK REVIEW : The Eighth Victory – Graeme Lyon

On the eighteenth day of Black Library’s 2015 Advent Calendar it’s time for The Eighth Victory, an Age of Sigmar short story from Graeme Lyon. Krev Deathstalker, another wonderfully titled champion of Chaos, has led his forces to seven mighty victories against the invading Stormcast Eternals, spilling much blood for Khorne. The eighth victory promises to bring him glory and power untold, but to achieve it he has to keep his battered army together and inspire his eight champions to one last slaughter. Meanwhile some within his army are starting to question their role in his upcoming glory.

Stories featuring Khornate champions don’t have to be clever, they can just be fun…and that’s exactly what this is. Essentially one long set-up, it’s gory and dark-humoured and packed full of gore – so far so Khorne, but crucially this doesn’t try to be anything else. Lyon goes for the essence of what makes Khorne so entertaining – “Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows” – and shows a calculating, smart champion who’s a step removed from the usual blood-addled maniac. It does everything this sort of story should do, complete with an ending that’s a little telegraphed but no less darkly satisfying for it.

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