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Black Library Advent Calendar 2015

It’s that time of year again and Black Library have released their usual Advent Calendar, only this time it’s a little different to previous years. Firstly, it’s themed entirely around Chaos – specifically the Call of Chaos. Secondly, with Warhammer Digital (previously Games Workshop Digital Editions) now seeming to come under the Black Library banner, this year’s Advent Calendar combines the two strands with each day providing a new short story as well as a new gaming supplement.

What that means is that all of the short stories are themed around champions of the various Chaos gods, alternating between 40k and Age of Sigmar, while the gaming supplements also alternate between game systems, providing rules, painting guides and terrain guides. There are various subscription methods available for those who want to get it all, giving fans the option to either subscribe to the whole thing, just the 40k stories or just the Age of Sigmar stories.

I’ve opted to just review the short stories, and will be/have been (delete as applicable depending on when you’re reading this) reviewing each one on the blog. You can find a list of the stories below, along with links to each review, and I’ll add an overall look back at the whole thing once it’s all done and dusted.

Day 1 : Divine Will – Andy Smillie
Day 2 : The Unending Storm – Nick Kyme
Day 3 : In Wolves’ Clothing – Ian St. Martin
Day 4 : By The Horns – Rob Sanders
Day 5 : Gift of the Gods – Ben Counter

Day 6 : The Gift of Khorne – Guy Haley
Day 7 : Jackalwolf – CZ Dunn
Day 8 : Daemon of the Deep – Rob Sanders
Day 9 : Siegemaster – Chris Wraight
Day 10 : The Last Gift – Josh Reynolds
Day 11 : Black Iron – Graeme Lyon
Day 12 : The Prodigal – David Annandale
Day 13 : A Song for the Lost – Robbie MacNiven
Day 14 : The Crystal of Fate – Guy Haley
Day 15 : Blood and Iron – Robbie MacNiven
Day 16 : Gorechosen – Andy Clark
Day 17 : Glory From Chaos – Chris Dows
Day 18 : The Eighth Victory – Graeme Lyon
Day 19 : Midnight Rotation – Dan Abnett
Day 20 : Godless – David Guymer
Day 21 : Without Fear – Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Day 22 : The Sacrifice – Graeme Lyon
Day 23 : The Staff of Asclepius – Graham McNeill
Day 24 : Lord of the Cosmic Gate – Gav Thorpe

Happy reading, and a very Merry Christmas!


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