Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers

QUICK REVIEW – Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers – David Guymer

David Guymer’s second contribution to the End Times short stories is Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers, a micro-short originally published in the Black Library Weekender III programme. Set in between the events of Kinslayer and Slayer, it sees Gotrek accompanied by past and present Rememberers as the three of them fight their way through Kurgan marauders on the way to reunite Felix with his wife in Altdorf. 

It is essentially a vignette, a single scene designed to remind readers where the characters are between the books, and how things stand between the three of them. The focus is on Felix as he considers how his relationship with Gotrek has changed, his old position now held by a man he can’t bring himself to like. It’s very short, with little time for anything to develop, but it does a good job of capturing both the essence of a Gotrek and Felix story as well as the bleak tone of the End Times series. There’s nothing here that’s essential for the enjoyment of the wider story arcs, but for completists it’s another little insight into this long-running and much-loved set of characters. 

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