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Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers

QUICK REVIEW – Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers – David Guymer

David Guymer’s second contribution to the End Times short stories is Gotrek & Felix : Rememberers, a micro-short originally published in the Black Library Weekender III programme. Set in between the events of Kinslayer and Slayer, it sees Gotrek accompanied by past and present Rememberers as the three of them fight their way through Kurgan marauders on the way to reunite Felix with his wife in Altdorf. 

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Gotrek & Felix : Kinslayer

Gotrek & Felix : Kinslayer – David Guymer

The longest-running series of Warhammer novels by far, the Gotrek and Felix series reaches novel number sixteen with David Guymer’s Kinslayer, book one of The Doom of Gotrek Gurnisson. Returning to the ‘nounslayer’ style books and set a year after Nathan Long’s Zombieslayer, we see Felix dragged from a quiet life in Altdorf by the appearance of the vampire Ulrika to help rescue the wizard Max Schreiber, who has been kidnapped by the Troll King and imprisoned in the enemy-held city of Praag. With his loyalties torn between helping Max and being with his frail wife Kat, and still struggling to deal with his feelings for Ulrika, Felix finds himself back in his old life of adventuring once again, and soon reunites with more familiar faces than just Ulrika.

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Gotrek and Felix: City of the Damned – David Guymer

For the fourteenth novel in the much-loved Gotrek and Felix saga, David Guymer sends the doom-seeking dwarf slayer and his human rememberer to Mordheim, the City of the Damned. Unlike the ‘Nounslayer’ books (the first 12 novels, from Trollslayer to Zombieslayer) this one doesn’t follow on chronologically, so it’s not clear exactly at what point in their careers we’re seeing them, and none of the cast of old friends that pop up throughout the other novels make an appearance (other than a brief mention for one).

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