Bride of Khaine

QUICK REVIEW : Bride of Khaine – Graeme Lyon

Another End Times short story, this time linking to The Curse of Khaine, Graeme Lyon’s Bride of Khaine looks at the relationship between the Hag Queen Hellebron and her champion, Tullaris Dreadbringer. Set on Death Night during the Chaos invasion of Har Ganeth, it sees Hellebron old and frail, watching Tullaris from afar as she waits for the ritual that will see her rejuvenated once more, while other powers conspire to strike while she is at her weakest. 

It’s cleverly constructed and well told, the narrative switching between Hellebron and Tullaris to show two different viewpoints on the events taking place, each of them considering the nature of their relationship and the power they both hold over each other. It’s paced well, setting the scene and throwing the reader into the action before ramping up the speed to build and maintain the tension, as both characters start to realise the danger they’re in. While this is a fairly brief story, by keeping the focus purely on just the two characters and not trying to cram too much in, Lyon has imbued it with plenty of depth and character, and tied it in nicely with the overall story of the elves in the End Times. Tense and action packed, it’s a really enjoyable, satisfying story. 

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