Marienburg's Stand

QUICK REVIEW : Marienburg’s Stand – David Guymer

In the first of his short story contributions to the End Times series, David Guymer steps away from Gotrek and Felix to pick up a thread from the Glottkin background book, in Marienburg’s Stand. Before they could march on Altdorf the brothers Glott needed to fight their way through the independent city state of Marienburg, whose powerful fleet and strong sea defences were bolstered by unexpected allies. Here we see how that engagement plays out, as the vampire Mundvard the Cruel emerges from the shadows to fight for the city alongside its human defenders.

Once again filling in a gap that was left by the novel series, this acts as a direct prequel to The Fall of Altdorf, and it’s certainly bleak enough to fit the overall tone of the End Times. Guymer captures the horror of Marienburg’s human defenders as their defences literally crumble around them in the face of not just mortal warriors but also plague and magic. The arrogance of the vampire comes across well, as does the extent of his gradual manipulation of the city over time, and there’s a good sense of the story fitting in with the wider history of the setting. It’s not the deepest or most characterful of stories, but it’s a really enjoyable read and a good addition to the series.

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