QUICK REVIEW : Chirurgeon – Nick Kyme

Alongside their primarch Fulgrim, Apothecary Fabius is perhaps the most important member of the Emperor’s Children legion, his flesh-craft driving them ever onwards on their dark path. In Chirurgeon, Nick Kyme looks a little closer at what drives Fabius himself, and why. As he operates on a living legionary in order to understand the blight affecting his body, he thinks back to pivotal events that took place before Fulgrim had taken up his position at the head of the legion.

Squeamish readers might want to take this one under advisement; Fabius’ less than tender ministrations are described in eye-watering detail, made even more disturbing by his emotionless commentary as he works. It’s eye-opening for more than just grossness however, offering some startling insights into Fabius as he once was, and the decisions he made, although it’s likely to have all but the most knowledgeable of readers scurrying for reference material at some points. Yes it’s a bit disgusting, especially in hindsight, but it’s the kind of story that makes you want to go back and read it again as soon as you’ve finished, and leaves you thinking about it long afterwards.   Comfortably among Kyme’s best work.

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