QUICK REVIEW : Twisted – Guy Haley

In a series the size and scale of the Horus Heresy, it’s inevitable that some characters’ involvement will wax and wane. Such has been the case with Maloghurst the Twisted; introduced at the beginning of the series, he was absent for much of the time up until his return in Vengeful Spirit. In Guy Haley’s Twisted, we look closer at Horus’ equerry as he sees the safety of his position crumble while the legion changes around him. Plagued by the whisperings of the Neverborn, he turns to a dangerous, unlikely source of support.

As befits its protagonist, this is a suitably twisty tale, a bit of a mystery story that plays on the tensions running through the Sons of Horus and the changing aspects of the legion. Maloghurst certainly merits some more page time, and here we see him dealing with his doubts and concerns, all the while driven onwards by his formidable will. It’s very much an extension of Horus’ own story, and feels like a suitable link to the next step in that arc. Written with Haley’s usual flair for detailed settings and believable characters, it’s a clever, enjoyable extension of some of Vengeful Spirit’s themes.

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