Lost Sons

QUICK REVIEW : Lost Sons – James Swallow

It took a while for the Blood Angels to get involved in the Horus Heresy series, but when they did, in Fear To Tread, almost the entire legion got stuck in. In his ‘quick read’ story Lost Sons, James Swallow looks at what happened to those few legionaries who stayed behind on Baal, their home world. Denied the right to fight alongside their brothers, then cut off from the rest of the legion by the Ruinstorm, all they can do is wait and hope. When fateful news arrives with an agent of the Sigillite, it appears the worst may have happened.

Combining two strands of his previous work, this covers a little of the Blood Angels’ unique psychological relationship with their primarch, as well as tying in the wider work of the Knights Errant, outside of Garro’s initial quest. It foreshadows much of what’s to come for both the Angels (post-heresy) and for Malcador’s plans, and while it doesn’t feel essential to either storyline it’s no less satisfying for that. Fans of the Angels will appreciate the chance to complete the picture of Fear To Tread, but there’s plenty to enjoy for the non-partisan Heresy reader as well.

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