The Blind King

QUICK REVIEW : The Blind King – Paul Kearney

Several years after The Last Detail was published in Legends of the Space Marines, Paul Kearney’s latest story for Black Library is The Blind King, a ‘quick read’ story which acts as a prequel to his full novel Dark Hunters : Umbra Sumus. Here we see the Dark Hunters chapter in its relative infancy, fighting for survival against an army of traitor Titans. With the future of the Dark Hunters at stake, the entire chapter goes to war, but against the might of Titans will even that be enough?

It’s a nice little story, cleverly introducing the Dark Hunters and showing a little of their character, and how they have diverged from their founding chapter, wrapped up in a wonderfully 40k-appropriate story of survival against the odds. After all, even Space Marines think twice about tangling with Titans. Paul Kearney clearly has a good handle on 40k, but he steers clear of too much jargon and explanation, preferring to let the story flow instead of constantly referencing 40k lore. The result is fast-paced and exciting, packed with plenty of brutal action and bleak heroism on an interesting and unusual scale. A very promising taste of what’s to come.

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