QUICK REVIEW: Da Bank Job – Andy Hall

The penultimate story in Black Library’s 2016 Advent Calendar and the last of three Blood Bowl tales, Andy Hall’s Da Bank Job sees Brobag, captain of disastrously bad orc team Brobag’s Big ‘Uns, offered a risky but lucrative opportunity to reverse his team’s poor fortunes. After a victory-less first season Brobag is in a tricky position, but is an invitational game against the famous Reikland Reavers the answer to his problems? If he can keep his team alive and on the pitch long enough, maybe he’ll have a chance to keep the Big ‘Uns going for another season…

White Dwarf alumnus Andy Hall’s first story for Black Library, this is jam-packed with treats for old-school Blood Bowl fans, from legendary commentators Jim and Bob to some familiar names on the Reavers’ team sheet. It’s not all about nostalgia though; like the other recent Blood Bowl stories there’s as much happening off the pitch as on it, and there’s a smart story here behind the silly names and the comedy orc dialogue. There’s just something so entertaining about Blood Bowl as a setting, and this taps into that sense of fun to deliver a nicely self-contained story that’s daft, but very satisfying.

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