QUICK REVIEW: Four Thousand Days – David Guymer

In David Guymer’s Age of Sigmar short story Four Thousand Days, a Fyreslayer lodge sets off on an epic quest in search of war, and a return to their ancestral lands, in a journey that will take – as the title suggests – a really long time. Among their number is Dunnegar who, having survived the Trial of Wrath to become a Grimwrath Berserker, hurls himself into the thickest fighting in their numerous battles. As the years pass and their numbers dwindle, the lodge’s identity and purpose is slowly worn away.

There’s lots to cover in a short story, but it’s structured as a series of set pieces covering lots of ground, beginning with Dunnegar in the throws of his trial before skipping on across the length of the lodge’s quest. There are some cool hints of old-school Warhammer Dwarfs balanced out by plenty of interesting Fyreslayer specifics, and amongst the expected stoicism and sturdiness there’s a surprising seam of darkness to be found. The narrative thread occasionally gets a little lost mid-scene, and as is common with new faction stories there’s perhaps an over-emphasis on model-specific details like titles and wargear, but overall it’s an ambitious and enjoyable story that provides plenty of character to the Fyreslayers.

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