QUICK REVIEW: The Blessing of Saints – John French

Included in the limited edition hardback of The Horusian Wars: Resurrection, John French’s short story The Blessing of Saints takes a closer look at Idris, one of the most important characters from the novel. Back before they were full inquisitors in their own right, Idris and Covenant both studied under the same mentor, inquisitor Argento. Here we see the three of them searching for a manifesting saint among the cog-yards on Frell, though what they hope to do when they find it remains to be seen.

Told from Idris’ perspective this is another evocative, carefully constructed story that’s typical of what French is doing with these accompanying shorts. It’s a simple premise, set out in the opening line with a reference to “the three saint-hunters”, but deceptively complex. Over the course of a short but action-packed plot, along with a handful of retrospective cut scenes, we see Idris and Covenant as they once were, get a glimpse of the famed Argento, and touch briefly upon the questions of what saints are and what they might do. It doesn’t attempt to offer concrete answers to anything (including questions posed by the novel), but continues to add valuable texture to the overall arc.

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  1. To see commitment like this to top scifi and review of talented authors work makes me almost as happy as a Helbrute getting hit 😆 i fire a shot and read another Bl book.

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