QUICK REVIEW: First Lord of the Imperium – LJ Goulding

When is a Primarchs story not a primarchs story? How about when it focuses on Malcador the Sigillite, as in LJ Goulding’s audio drama First Lord of the Imperium. It might not directly feature any primarchs, but if anyone knows their secrets it’s Malcador, and when he’s called to the bedside of an old friend to witness her final moments he comforts her with talk of the primarchs’ purpose and the grand plan he and the Emperor hold for mankind. Even under these circumstances, however, is it possible to sift Malcador’s words for the actual truth?

If you’re a Heresy fan you’re really going to want to listen to this, but be prepared to leave with as many questions as answers. Do also look past the revelations and questions, and take the time to enjoy a beautifully crafted story which makes magnificent use of the audio format – note the haunting tolling of the Bell of Lost Souls that fades in and out, and the way Jonathan Keeble’s narration drops out midway to leave Toby Longworth and Jenny Funnell to shine in the spotlight. Satisfying on so many levels, this isn’t your usual Primarchs story but it’s a fascinating insight into the Heresy nonetheless.

Malcador: First Lord of the Imperium was released as day fourteen of the 2017 Black Library Advent Calendar. Click here for the main Advent Calendar page.

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