Black Library Weekender – Coming Soon

At the recent Black Library Weekender, the final session included a rundown of some of the titles coming soon from Black Library. Editor Nick Kyme and audio producer Matt Renshaw talked us through a whole host of new books and audio dramas, some of which had covers and some didn’t – I’ve gathered everything together here, with photos where I have them and a few snippets of info for the titles without covers.

The Warhammer Community team have posted some of the covers, while for others I’ve had to go with images I took, in which case apologies in advance for the poor quality, as they were taken over the top of other people’s heads, of pictures shown on a projector screen!

Interestingly, a fair few of these new titles are already showing up in the Coming Soon section of the Black Library website, while some of the titles I covered in my last post on upcoming titles weren’t on the list. This is clearly not an exhaustive list, then, and shouldn’t be considered everything that’s due for release in 2018. To be honest, even if this was everything then we’d still be in for some great books…

Some of the photos include titles that are included in my previous upcoming titles post, or on the Black Library website, so I’ve not added any additional information here.

The Lords of Silence by Chris Wraight – the first in a new Death Guard series (can’t remember if this was billed as a trilogy or not).

The Magos by Dan Abnett (coming February 2018).

Titans’ Bane by Chris Dows – a new, standalone audio drama. Love that cover!

Neferata: Mortarch of Blood by David Annandale – the first in a new Age of Sigmar series. Another beautiful cover!

Agent of the Throne: Truth and Dreams by John French – the second audio drama in the Agent of the Throne series, after Blood and Lies.

The War of Vengeance by Nick Kyme, Chris Wraight and CL Werner – another Warhammer Chronicles omnibus featuring The Great Betrayal, Master of Dragons and Curse of the Phoenix Crown.

Slaves to Darkness by John French – a new Horus Heresy novel. Set post-Beta Garmon, it’s a who’s who of traitor primarchs that will show the implications of Chaos on the traitor primarchs. That cover won’t be the final one, as that image was originally used on Die Söhne Des Lupercal/Les Fils de Lupercal, the German/French editions of the first part of Vengeful Spirit.

Nagash the Undying King by Josh Reynolds – the standard edition of a book that’s been a Warhammer World (and events) exclusive for a while.

Blood of Iax by Robbie MacNiven – an Ultramarines novel set post-Dark Imperium. Cover not final again, which is presumably why Warhammer Community didn’t include it.

Imperator: Wrath of the Omnissiah by Gav Thorpe – billed as “The Hunt for Red October but with an Imperator Titan”. Following on from David Annandale’s Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine it looks like this is a sort of informal series of Titans novels. Cool.

Carcharadons: Outer Dark by Robbie MacNiven – the sequel to Carcharadons: Red Tithe. I spy a Genestealer Cultist on the left, there…!

Wolfsbane by Guy Haley – a new Horus Heresy novel focusing on the Space Wolves going up against Horus’ armies.

Legacy of Dorn by Mike Lee – a new Crimson Fists novel.

Blackshields: Red Fief by Josh Reynolds – continues Endryd Haar’s ongoing mission to kill Horus. Thanks to Black Librarium on Twitter for the image of this one.

Hunger by Andy Smillie – a new Flesh Tearers audio…”lots of punching and growling” apparently!

Soulbound by George Mann – a new Raven Guard audio drama, a Dirty Dozen-style story.

Taker of Heads by Ian St. Martin – the first ever Mortifactors audio drama. I wonder if this will link in to Deathwatch: Swordwind?

Mephiston: Revenant Crusade by Darius Hinks – the sequel to Mephiston: Blood of Sanguinius.

Choose Your Enemies by Sandy Mitchell – Ciaphas Cain is coming back! This got the biggest cheer of the session!

Blacktalon by Andy Clark – a new Age of Sigmar novel featuring Neave Blacktalon (from the Blightwar box).

Vulkan: Lord of Drakes by David Annandale – a Primarchs novel, dealing with the dynamic within the Legion as Nocturneans and Terrans come together.

The Horusian Wars: Incarnation by John French – book two in the Horusian Wars series, the sequel to Resurrection.

Callis and Toll: Silvershard by Nick Horth – Age of Sigmar’s answer to Raiders of the Lost Ark, extending the story of characters from City of Secrets.

No title for this one, but the return of Gotrek Gurnisson was confirmed – not Felix, just Gotrek. Apparently it will be a four-part CD box set, and they have a “potentially awesome person lined up to play Gotrek”. Sounds great! Word is, it might be written by David Guymer…but I don’t have that confirmed, just a rumour.

PLUS a few other titles were discussed during the weekend. Nothing was confirmed with any of these, and they weren’t discussed in the final session with Nick and Matt, but they’re worth mentioning:

  • Anarch by Dan Abnett – book fifteen in the Gaunt’s Ghosts series, following The Warmaster to form the conclusion of The Victory, the fourth arc in the series. Dan is writing this at the moment.
  • Penitent by Dan Abnett – Dan mentioned this a few times, along with the third book in the series, Pandemonium. As far as I understand, it’s not yet in the process of being written but work will hopefully start on it soon.
  • Inteceptor City by Dan Abnett – once again, it’s not currently being worked on but Dan mentioned it, and I’m paraphrasing here but it went along the lines of “I’ve been talking about it for so long, I might as well just write the damn thing!”
  • Space Marine Battles: Urdesh by Matthew Farrer. It’s been well documented that the plan was for this to have been written and published alongside The Warmaster, to show the wider battle taking place on the forge world of Urdesh. Apparently Matt’s working on it at the moment, and it will hopefully be out early-ish next year. Clearly it won’t be a Space Marine Battles novel any more (Space Marine Conquests perhaps), and Dan notably didn’t refer to it as being called Urdesh…so maybe it’ll have a different title as well.

So there you have it – LOTS of great-sounding new books and audio dramas due out over the coming months. We’re not going to be lacking in new stuff to read or listen to, with pretty much everything covered – 40k, Age of Sigmar, Horus Heresy, old-school Warhammer, in written and audio formats. Can’t wait! If you haven’t already checked out my previous post on upcoming titles, it’s worth having a look at that as well to get the low down on some other books coming along soon-ish.

If you’ve got any thoughts or comments on these new releases, please do get in touch via the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Thanks for detailed coverage! By the way, as I remember, BL gonna keep Space Marine Battles series, they said something like this on Facebook “The Space Marine Battles books will be continuing. The Space Marine Conquests books are what’s happening right now in the galaxy and set at the cutting edge of the 41st Millennium. Our Space Marines Battles series will be looking at the 10,000 years since the Emperor’s ascension and we have lots of legendary battles from the preceding 10,000 years to look at yet!” So,

  2. Thanks very much for this article Michael 😀 much appreciated!

    Pleased to see Mephiston is getting a sequel

    Dan Abnett’s Inteceptor City you mention – are you able to advise what faction / subject that is about please? And is it a standalone novel or something else? Not heard mention of it before, myself.

    Also, I don’t suppose there was any clarity regarding “The Primarchs” series’ recent short story releases was there [i.e. the Mortarion eshort and two in the Event book]? I’m wondering whether these are going to be included in their own anthology or part of the main Heresy volumes. Just concerned that at the end of the run I’ll have all the beautiful limited editions, but just a standard anthology if at all :S !

    Thank you as always 🙂

    1. No worries, hope it was helpful 🙂 That’s a fair question, I guess I’d mentioned Interceptor City assuming people would know about it, sorry! It’s the long-awaited sequel to a book Dan wrote in the early 2000s called Double Eagle, which fits alongside the Gaunt’s Ghosts series by being set within the Sabbat World Crusade, but features fighter pilots instead of infantry. Double Eagle is great, and there’s been talk of the sequel for AGES.

      As for the Primarchs, it didn’t come up in any of the seminars I was in. Good question, though. My gut feeling is that there will definitely be an anthology within the Primarchs series, but as to whether it’ll be available in LE…I don’t know. I’ll try to remember to ask that at the next event, if it’s not been answered before then.

  3. I’ve never read Double Eagle ( on the list ! ) but Dan’s description of Interceptor City – he said something like – ” I imagine an air battle that could only happen in a 40K setting …. set in a gargantuan Hive city with Demon air craft that literally hide and perch on the ruined terrain like animals before swooping down into battle ” . Obviously not a direct quote but I think that’s very close and man, does that sound awesome !

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