QUICK REVIEW: Dark Son – Gav Thorpe

Available as a standalone e-short or within the Path of the Eldar omnibus, Gav Thorpe’s short story Dark Son takes an interesting look at whether a warrior of Commorragh might be able to find peace and redemption through the Craftworlders’ concept of the Path. Dark Eldar incubus Kolidaran has spent his entire life fighting – to survive, to find the incubi shrine, to keep his soul safe from She Who Thirsts – but is there another option for survival, one that the Commorraghans have never considered? After joining a raid on an Alaitocii eldar ship, he has the chance to find out.

It’s straightaway interesting to read about two aspects of eldar society in a single story, especially with the opportunity to see a particularly cold, condescending drukhari deal with having to engage – and not in combat – with his Craftworld cousins. Gav quickly builds up Kolidaran’s character through interactions with fellow incubi, emphasising their relationship to the soul-deep fear all drukhari feel, before putting him in an impossible position that forces him to take an utterly alien path. It’s nicely paced and focused, with enough action to please fight fans whilst digging into the meat of the core concept to deliver an intriguing story. Impressive stuff.

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