QUICK REVIEW: Knight of Corruption – David Annandale (Call of Archaon part 4)

The fourth of Black Library’s Call of Archaon short stories, Knight of Corruption sees David Annandale take over the reins of Copsys Bule’s tale from David Guymer, continuing the story from Beneath the Black Thumb. Forging on through a new realm, Bule and what’s left of his warband stumble across a newly-raised temple to Sigmar, built atop the ruins of an older age. Hopeful at first of a quick, satisfying victory to raise the morale of his men, Bule finds himself battling a foe previously thought to be a myth, but now standing between him and his new path.

Perhaps as expected, based on Annandale’s horror-infused style, this shows the other side to Nurgle – gone is Bule’s paternal humour, replaced by relentless brutality and a powerful determination to succeed. He’s pitted against (among others) some fascinating antagonists, humans whose newly flowered hope is inspired by a god they don’t understand, and whose hardship-filled lives have made them almost as implacable as Bule and his warband. It’s the first story of this arc to pit one of the champions against relatable, human characters, and combined with a much less likeable Bule it makes for a dark, challenging but very interesting story.

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