New Black Library Releases – 3rd June

Every Saturday is cause for celebration if you’re a Black Library fan, with at least one new release, from brand new novels and audio dramas to new versions of previously published releases. This Saturday, the 3rd of June, is a bumper release day with a brand new Horus Heresy novel as well as a whole host of titles released in new formats…so much so that I thought it might be fun to bring together all of the reviews that I’ve written for the various releases.

NOTE: sadly I haven’t yet read Guy Haley’s Dark Imperium, but hopefully I’ll get hold of that soon and will get a review up as soon as I can.

The Crimson King by Graham McNeill
Book 44 in the Horus Heresy series!

Space Marine Legends: Lemartes by David Annandale
This was originally published in the Lords of the Space Marines series, but it’s been rebranded to fit the Space Marine Legends series instead.

Legacy of the Wulfen by David Annandale and Robbie MacNiven
A paperback collecting together David Annandale and Robbie MacNiven’s work. I’ve not fully reviewed Robbie’s half of the book, but I did cover David’s:

Champions of the Eternal War – audio collection
An audio drama collection, bringing together the three 40k short audios from the 2016 Advent Calendar.

Eye of Terra – anthology
Book 35 in the Horus Heresy series, now available in mass-market paperback. I’ve reviewed most of the stories from this anthology, with only a couple missing:

So there you have it! If you’ve got any thoughts on any of these reviews, do let me know.

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