QUICK REVIEW: Fatespinner – Chris Wraight

Another story* originally published in the event-only Honour of the Space Marines anthology, Chris Wraight’s Fatespinner pits two ancient enemies against each other as Rune Priest Thorskir Helsturjm pursues Thousand Sons sorcerer Ramon to the world of Rigo V. Hidden deep beneath the surface is a darkness from an older time that Ramon seeks to unleash, while Thorskir leads his pack in hurried pursuit, determined to finally bring his nemesis to heel and prevent his plans from coming to fruition. As their fates converge, it becomes clear that these two warriors are linked by more than just their age-old enmity.

We’ve seen Space Wolves against Thousand Sons many times before but there’s a different tone here to what you might expect. Wraight hints at the history these two enemies share as the story unravels, and though he only lightly sketches in each character there’s a clear sense of identity for both which shows that he’s just as adept at writing Thousand Sons as he is Space Wolves. It’s quite a short story, but it’s pacy and tightly plotted with a back and forth structure that gradually builds the tension, culminating in a satisfyingly unexpected resolution. It’s a fresh, clever take on a familiar theme, and well worth checking out.

*see The Burden of Angels and Do Eagles Still Circle the Mountain?

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