QUICK REVIEW: Pantheon – Guy Haley

On the 20th day of Black Library’s 2016 Advent Calendar it’s back to the Mortal Realms for the third and final Age of Sigmar story – Pantheon by Guy Haley. On the highest peak in the realm of Azyr, Sigmar waits amidst the remnants of past glories for a visitation from a fellow deity. With his Stormcast Eternals taking the fight to Chaos across all of the realms, he’s now turning his mind to a later stage of his plans. Hoping to sway Alarielle to his cause, he shows her an ancient story from a time before the Age of Chaos.

Essentially two stories in one, this is both a reflective look at Sigmar away from his armies and talking with an equal, and a parable-like tale set in a time somewhere between the Old World and the Age of Sigmar. Both sections are filled with invention and a sense of just how vast and varied the Mortal Realms are, once again demonstrating what can be done in Age of Sigmar stories. It fits together beautifully, the two sections contrasting but complementing each other to create a satisfying, unusual story that both reminds us of some great elements of old Warhammer and looks forward to what’s coming up in new Warhammer.

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