QUICK REVIEW: Becoming – Andy Clark

Two weeks into Black Library’s 2016 Advent Calendar, day fourteen brings us an Imperial Knights story in the shape of Becoming by Andy Clark. Setting things up for the upcoming novel Kingsblade, we’re introduced to the knightly houses of Adrastrapol and their rituals, as veteran Knight pilot Sire Markos tells the story of his first battle to two young squires on the eve of their coming of age ritual. Thrust straight into battle without time to prepare, the young Markos had to learn quickly in order to survive, and in doing so forged himself a legend. It wasn’t all glory though…

Heavy on the knightly aspects there’s an interesting contrast here between the strong chivalric references and the standard 40k stylings that instantly sets it apart from the usual Space Marine or Imperial Guard stories. Imperial Knights are still a pretty new and underdeveloped force in 40k so there’s always an extra thrill when reading about them, but Clark does a good job of both introducing us to the themes he’s working towards and giving us a story that’s not just about cool mini-titans squashing orks. The courtly names and titles are occasionally a little distracting, but once past that this is entertaining both as a standalone and as a teaser for what’s to come.

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