QUICK REVIEW: The Soul, Severed – Chris Wraight

On the ninth day of Black Library’s 2016 Advent Calendar we get another Horus Heresy audio drama, Chris Wraight’s The Soul, Severed, which sees Lord Commander Eidolon of the Emperor’s Children, much-altered since his first appearance in Horus Rising, leading part of his Legion in Fulgrim’s absence. Warped and twisted in the likeness of their commander, Eidolon’s warriors – the Kakophoni – are a powerful force indeed. When faced with opposition from a fellow officer as to the leadership of the Legion, Eidolon unleashes the Kakophoni to spectacular, if unexpected, effect against his fellow Emperor’s Children.

It’s about time we had an audio drama featuring the Kakophoni – you’d think audio would be the ideal medium for them, right? Yep, it is. The excellent voice cast and SFX do sterling work bringing Eidolon and his minions to life, voices warped and tinged with madness lending Wraight’s words a powerfully creepy edge. When all hell breaks loose, things ramp up to a cackling, screaming crescendo of delightfully bonkers and over the top carnage. Soundscapes aside though, this is a cleverly told story about turning points and about the essential conflict in this Legion, that nicely sets up Eidolon and his brothers’ paths to Terra.

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