QUICK REVIEW: A Memory of Tharsis – Josh Reynolds

Currently only published in the Black Library Live! 2016 chapbook (alongside Argent by Chris Wraight), Josh Reynolds’ short story A Memory of Tharsis sees Fabius Bile paying a visit to Lady Spohr, Magos-Queen of the forge world Quir, to make a trade. He needs her services to repair his ancient medicae equipment in order for him to continue his grand work, but if he’s to succeed he knows he will have to offer her something new and unique. If he fails to provide something suitable he might not survive the visit, but he has something up his (rather disturbing) sleeve.

A side story to the main narrative of Fabius Bile: Primogenitor, this stands as a story on its own without needing to read the novel. It provides a short but effective glimpse into the strange world that Fabius inhabits, showing off both his physical characteristics – his ailing body and the tools he uses to preserve it – and his unique outlook on the galaxy and his place within it. Filled with Reynolds’ recognisable blend of creepy inventiveness and dark humour, it’s an enjoyable snapshot of a well-known character destined to be viewed in a different light from now on, and hopefully it will see a wider release sooner or later.

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