QUICK REVIEW: Perpetual – Dan Abnett

It’s day one of Black Library’s 2016 Advent Calendar, and the first story is Perpetual by Dan Abnett, a Horus Heresy audio drama. Continuing the story of Oll Persson, first introduced in Know No Fear, it picks up where the short story Unmarked (in Mark of Calth) left off with Oll and his companions journeying through time and space in search of Terra, only now they’re becalmed, unable to go forward. Time is passing – not normally an issue for a Perpetual, but with his mission to complete and dangerous foes in pursuit, Oll knows he will have to find a way to keep moving eventually…

At twenty-seven minutes and with an eight-strong voice cast this is a great start to the Advent Calendar, but be warned – an action-packed adventure story full of Space Marines and daemons…this is not. Where Unmarked introduced us to Oll’s travelling companions and the nature of their journey, this shows the group a fair bit further along the path. For the most part it’s a much more reflective story, which veers off from the usual Heresy or 40k timeline to explore a little of what’s going on in this strange subplot running through the Heresy series. Look elsewhere for concrete answers about the Perpetuals, as this contains none; instead it’s a timely – if ambiguous – reminder that there’s something interesting happening with Oll, which feels like it’s going to be important when it’s eventually revealed.

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