The Sulphur Citadel

QUICK REVIEW – The Black Rift of Klaxus : The Sulphur Citadel – Josh Reynolds

The Black Rift of Klaxus comes to an end with Josh Reynolds’ eighth and final instalment, The Sulphur Citadel. The Rift has opened, spilling legions of daemons out into Klaxus and swamping the remaining Stormcasts, who fight on regardless. As Orius and Anhur clash for the final time, Lord Relictor Moros confronts his Khornate counterpart Volundr, while Lord Castellant Gorgus battles the monstrous bloodthirster Skul’rath. The fate of Klaxus hangs in the balance, everything now resting on the outcome of these three epic duels.

After the grinding battles of the previous instalments, the story has now been trimmed down to essentially just three fight scenes – they’re really good fight scenes though, each one distinct and serving a different purpose. Orius and Anhur’s duel is the heart of the whole story, the culmination of the personal conflict between these two men who were once close friends, and it contributes a welcome sense of humanity. In contrast Moros’ clash with Volundr reflects the conflicting ideologies of the two forces, while Gorgus’ battle with the bloodthirster is the classic David and Goliath battle. It’s an explosive, satisfying end to the Black Rift story, marred only by a slightly rushed climax to the Orius/Anhur duel, but otherwise an apt finale.

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