Ten Skulls

QUICK REVIEW – The Black Rift of Klaxus : Ten Skulls – Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds’ Age of Sigmar mini-series/serialised novel The Black Rift of Klaxus reaches part six with Ten Skulls, in which Lord Celestant Orius and his Stormcasts continue to battle on, inching ever closer to their goal. Hungry for glory (or just lots of blood), more of Anhur’s Gorechosen fling themselves in the Stormcasts’ path, to varying degrees of success, until Orius and co. finally find themselves in open battle against last remaining lines of the Chaos defence. Amidst the carnage the two lords finally meet face to face, albeit not for the final time – this is part six of eight, after all.

This follows on in the same vein as The Scarlet Lord, and while the action is entertaining it’s starting to feel a little stretched out. The stakes getting higher, with more of a sense of genuine danger for the Stormcast characters, but the focus is a bit too much on slightly repetitive action and not enough on character. That’s a shame, because when the various Gorechosen trade words the dialogue is good, full of antagonism as the rivals jockey for position. There’s also an all too brief glimpse into the effects of Khorne’s rage, even on the Stormcast. Plenty of good stuff here, just could have done with a bit of a trim.

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