Wrath of the Wolf

QUICK REVIEW: Wrath of the Wolf – CL Werner

Black Library’s eight-part Space Wolf mini-series comes to an end with CL Werner’s second contribution, Wrath of the Wolf. Having prevented a chaos ritual with the unlikely assistance of the Alpha Legion, Ulrik the Slayer and Krom Dragongaze follow a new lead into the Eye of Terror as they continue to seek out Logan Grimnar. Reaching the planet Dargur, where Bjorn himself once searched for Leman Russ, they embark on the final leg of their long hunt with the small matter of a chaos world between them and Grimnar.

After the confused tangle of the series’ middle period this brings things back to where they began with the search for the missing Great Wolf, but it’s symptomatic of the series as a whole in that it feels forced and stretched. The Wolves fight through daemons, beasts and traitor marines but there’s little sense of real danger throughout, and instead of the climactic final battle that you might expect it’s more of a long slog and an odd, confused finale. Werner does his best within the confines of the story but it just doesn’t really go anywhere, and like the overall series it’s a bit of a damp squib really.

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