Blood and Iron

QUICK REVIEW : Blood and Iron – Robbie MacNiven

Day fifteen in the 2015 Black Library Advent Calendar provides Blood and Iron, Robbie MacNiven’s second contribution and the third story to feature the might of the Iron Warriors. On the Dark Mechanicum forge world of Dementius, Warpsmith Ferrix oversees the gory rituals necessary to bind a powerful daemon into the body of a captured Titan, sacrificing much to create a weapon of devastating power. As the blood flows and the daemon rises, Ferrix knows he must use all of his knowledge and skill to complete his greatest work.

As 40K fans will know, daemons are cool, and Titans are cool, so a daemon Titan is bound to be fun. And so it proves, with an entertaining and nicely paced story that gradually builds from a measured start to a blood-soaked crescendo. Ferrix is all barely-suppressed disgust and superiority as he does what he has to in order to achieve his goals, and proves to be a fun character for the story to hinge upon, while there’s enough detail in the story for it to feel solid and developed. There’s even a little nod to MacNiven’s previous story, A Song for the Lost, in amongst the satisfying carnage being unleashed.

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