The Prodigal

QUICK REVIEW : The Prodigal – David Annandale

David Annandale joins the party with the twelfth story in Black Library’s 2015 Advent Calendar, contributing The Prodigal, an Age of Sigmar micro short which sees another champion of Chaos causing trouble in the realm of Light. Hidden within almost-impenetrable mountains and suspended above the ground by light itself, the city of Lykerna is a sanctuary from the darkness until Graunos, a fallen son of the city, returns at the head of an army of Khorne to take vengeance in the name of his god for perceived past mistreatments.

For a micro short it actually feels remarkably well developed and fleshed out, probably due to concentrating mostly on narrative with little in the way of dialogue. As such it’s a tidy little story, once again showing another fresh new aspect of the Age of Sigmar setting, and offering a nice contrast with Annandale’s usual knack for getting across a strong sense of darkness. There’s a thread running through it that tries to add a little extra context to the story but doesn’t really have enough time to gel, but otherwise it’s a tight, strong narrative that works within the confines of the word count to provide a satisfying little story.

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