The Gift of Khorne

QUICK REVIEW : The Gift of Khorne – Guy Haley

Day six in Black Library’s 2015 Advent Calendar brings us The Gift of Khorne by Guy Haley, an Age of Sigmar story featuring another powerful Chaos champion (there’s a trend appearing here…), this time the more-beast-than-man Gigante. Besieging a still-intact city in the realm of life, Ghyran, he revels in his god-granted gifts and the carnage that he wreaks in the name of Khorne. Gifts from the Chaos gods tend to be a little risky however, so he had better hope that nothing puts a stop to his successes, like the unexpected appearance of the Stormcast Eternals…

Setting the story in a previously untouched part of Ghyran lends it a nicely old-school feel that’s much more reminiscent of pre-Age of Sigmar Warhammer than most of the new stories, a feeling only compounded by the distinctly Old World-y human troops facing Gigante on the battlefield. Whatever your feeling on the new style of Warhammer though, this is a smart story with a simple but well-executed plot and all of the typical Guy Haley hallmarks – clear, vivid prose, and a measured pace that allows the story room to breathe and develop. It’s an enjoyable story and a nice look at the fickle nature of Chaos.

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