Feast of Lies

QUICK REVIEW : Feast of Lies – Ben Counter

Black Library are all about releasing serial stories at the moment, and a new Space Wolf serial starts with Feast of Lies by Ben Counter, featuring Logan Grimnar and Ulrik the Slayer at the conclusion of the thirtieth Great Hunt. As Grimnar battles the Tau on a distant world, the remaining Great Companies return to Fenris with trophies and tales of their exploits, feasting and boasting of their successes. When a human emissary tells a worryingly prophetic tale of Grimnar and a shocking discovery, Ulrik realises there is more going on than he realised at first.

This is quite unconventional for a Black Library story – in a similar vein to his excellent Arjac Rockfist novella, Counter tells his story in the form of sagas and tall tales, tying in nicely with the Wolves’ traditions and producing a characterful, enjoyable story. It’s an enticing opening to the serial, setting the scene with both Grimnar and Ulrik and introducing the central concept of doubt and uncertainty that presumably will run through the whole thing. There’s plenty of action and excitement for those who need such things, but it’s the sense of intrigue and mystery that makes it particularly interesting.


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