The Devine Adoratrice

QUICK REVIEW : The Devine Adoratrice – Graham McNeill

Originally part of 2013’s Limited Edition The Imperial Truth, Graham McNeill’s The Devine Adoratrice is one of only two of the included stories to have found a general release so far, alongside Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Lord of the Red Sands. A direct prequel to Vengeful Spirit, it follows the young siblings of House Devine as they prepare for the ceremony that will bond the brothers with the warrior-spirits of their Knight armour. Meanwhile, hidden factions on Molech work to direct events to their own ends, and the day doesn’t go quite as smoothly as all involved had hoped.

Depending on whether it’s read before or after Vengeful Spirit, this either introduces key characters and early-onset schemes which will all make sense when you read the novel, or fills in some blanks in the backstory that maybe weren’t entirely covered in the novel. Either way, it’s a cleverly-written story that hints at the wider world and history of Molech, with characters that feel rounded and developed, and a clear connection to the Heresy storyline. It’s a nice change from the usual Space Marine-heavy stories, and is as interesting and enjoyable to read as you would expect from Graham McNeill.

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