Garro : Ashes of Fealty

QUICK REVIEW – Garro : Ashes of Fealty – James Swallow

Released to tie in with an upcoming box set collecting together all of the Garro audio dramas so far, Garro : Ashes of Fealty is a brand new 18-minute short audio that re-introduces an old character from Garro’s past. Set at an unspecified point in the overall story arc, it shows a bitter, unhappy reunion with his old comrade Meric Voyen, the apothecary last seen in Flight of the Eisenstein having chosen to dedicate his life to finding a ‘cure’ for the terrible affliction that blighted his Death Guard brothers.

The shortest of the Garro series so far, it’s the audio equivalent of a micro-short, essentially a vignette focusing on a single event. As Garro intervenes in Voyen’s work they face a clash of ideologies, Voyen’s single-minded scientific approach conflicting with Garro’s pragmatism and greater experience. With each of their lives having taken vastly different paths since fleeing Isstvan, it’s very much about the way in which Space Marines have had to adapt to the vast changes forced upon them by the Heresy. As with many of the shorter stories it feels as though it’s setting up for a future tale, and while it’s perhaps a little predictable in its outcome this is as dramatic and entertaining as any Garro story.

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